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The Water Wars.

Irish Water/ Uisce Eirinn was set up in 2013, and states it is subsidiary of Board Gas Eirinn, also known as Boad Gas, and Board Gas group. In 2014 B.Gas .Eirinn. was renamed ‘Ervia’ a mixture of the Irish name Eire and Via the Latin for ‘the way’. After the sale of Ervia to Centrica Board Gas Energy was no longer part of Ervia it then became Board Gas Networks, merging gas and electric and in 2014 merged Gaslink and Board Gas Networks to become Gas Networks Ireland.

The Irish Water website claims that:
‘Irish Water will be accountable to two regulatory bodies – the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) who is the economic regulator for the water industry, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who is the environmental regulator.

Ervia describe themselves as a commercial semi-state company with delivery of gas and water infrastructure and services in Ireland, and is responsible for Irish Water and has networks throughout Ireland, with the latter being renamed Bord Gais Networks. Even though Centric has only bought part of Bord Gais they have also taken the name which is unusual.

Centrica Gas and Electric have a profile which include British Gas, Bord Gais, Direct Energy, Centrica Energy, Centrica Storage, as well as wind farms, gas storage and securing new gas reserved like the current one in the North Sea the Cygnus Field. They operate in the US, Europe, U.K. Ireland, Tobago and Trinidad.
Centrica Chief Executive Sam Laidlaw was previously the executive Vice President of Enterprise Oil. Chief Operating Officer of Amerada Hess and was until 2012 a member of the U.K. Prime Ministers Advisory Group. He also held external appointments as Non Executive Director of HSBC Holdings as well as a seat on the Board of the Department Of Transport and a trustee of the medical charity RAFT.

Amerada Hess is a fortune 500 Energy company involved in shale oil, gas and minerals in North Dekota, the Ultica shale oil in Ohio as well as the Gulf of Mexico, Asia pacific and Ghana.. The Chief Executive Officer, John B Hess is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Center for Strategic and International Studies. The Business Council, and Executive Director of Mount Sinai Hospital.
Whilst RAFT is involved in 3d facial reconstruction, and working to develop their ‘Smart Matrix’ skin scaffold for wounds and bionic limbs for returning servicemen and women.

GMC Utilities Group:

Is Involved in Water and smart metering. Including the AMI Fixed Network System currently being used in Garda Head Quarters, Dublin Port, Office of Public Works. They are involved in repairs, leaks, installation of magnetic devices and pressure valves, and the A.M.R. meter reading technology. G.M.C work with many local authorities and are involved in laying gas pipes, engineering for the ESB, Broadband for UPC servers, and the Air Grid.

GMC tendered for Anglican Water International for the Dublin Region Water Conservation Project and installed 350 magnetic meters, boundary boxes and pressure reduction valves in Dublin and Wicklow. They were awarded the contact for the Dublin region non domestic Commercial Water Project as well as working with many councils.

Anglican also include Anglican Water Services Oversees Holding LTD, Anglican Water Services Financing group. Anglican Water Business formerly known as Osprey Water in Scotland and A.W.G. Property, which is owned by OSPREY Private Consortium, the Canada Pension Plan, Colonial First Global Asset Management, Industrial Fund Management.

Anglican are linked to Global Water Intelligence, a market analysis of International water industry and Xylen Ireland which through it’s TotalCare provides a comprehensive integrated portfolio of services designed to to maintain water and water waste equipment, through their technical systems, engineers and water filtration Ozone solutions end pump technology and infrastructure applications analysis.
GMC Sierra is a Domestic Water Metering Service consisting of a consortium comprising GMC Utilities Group and Sierra Support Services Group, both of which are Irish owned companies. On the 6th July 2013, Irish Water announced the appointment of GMC Sierra as one of it’s regional contractors engaged by Irish to manage the Meter Instillation Programe which began in August 2013. Which includes the management of the instillation of the water meters and staff.

GMC are connected with the Arad Group, involved with Integrated Metering Technology’s. Who’s Chairman is Dr. Hugo R Chaufman, who was previously the Executive of Israeli Chemicals and investment company Isal Almat Investments. Prior to that he held senior positions in the Israeli Ministry of Finance. In was involved with the North American subsidiary Master Meter who produce the Otave ultrasonic bulk meter. The Master meters are used in millions of homes in the US Canada and Mexico. Using the drive by hand held meter readers.

Stewarts are connected to sensus team flex net smart grid solution broadcasting secure long range communications network and is an advanced metering infrastructure to read gas, electric, water, on a AMI platform. Their business development director Ron Koch previously served with Rockwell International which was involved in selling electrical equipment to the Iranian air force as part of project IBEX as well as allegedly involved them paying bribes to the Shah of Irian, including their involved with the US Space program and Boeing.

The Sensus Technology Flex Net using the Xenxon system reads meters every hour and transmits once a day as SMS forwarded to email to an ODBC database including alarms for cable cuts, pressure time switches, level control switches, meter access control, and door contacts.

Also under Stewarts is the Sensus RF radio system and the Scada ,a Motorolla industrial communication source code encryption. And the Verdeco cloud based data platform which is a grid storing and receiving data at 5 min intervals. There is also the Grid DNA which uses artificial intelligence to math logarithms for grid efficiency as this engine takes data from CIS, billing, MDM, OMS, Asset management, GIS, Scada, and other utility back office IT and combines this with external data ie. traffic data, social networks ‘buzz’, weather, news, operational data and prediction demand accurate load.

Many of the above players are connected to GMC Sierra in varying degrees, and show the vista of some of the many corporations now investing heavily in the future of energy sourcing and management. Sierra Support Services are part of the SiteServ Group, includes Deborah Services Ltd Sierra Utility, Rowan Modular buildings Holegate Infrastructure, and Event Solutions which fall under the front company Millington’s is owned by Denis O’Brien.

The grim vista of control through smart meters is an Orwellian nightmare, and as stated by Joshua Hart on Red Ice Radio where he was discussing Smart Meters, ‘they will eventually have all domestic utilities hooked up to the smart meters, ie. if you go to the fridge late at night eat some bacon, that information will be fed into your data, and could possible show its effect in your insurance policy going up. This is not just an invasion of privacy there are also the health concerns.

Community groups are going to find it increasingly difficult to start community gardens with prohibitive water costs. One of the Detroit Water activists when discussing their water stated they had 1 fifth of the world’s fresh water supply in the great lake basin. Another discussed the plans for a ‘Blue Infrastructure’ Water Retention ponds planned in the Detroit area.

But most of all it must be remembered that it requires 4-9 million gallons of fresh water for fracking. Is this the plan for the upcoming water wars. With the potential of control through the meters, the control of services and the vast myriad of urban and industrial infrastructure under the auspices and control of corporations are we ever inching towards dark global nightmare where people are stripped of their rights, to arrive at a global corporatocracy run by a minority of psychopaths. But its worth remembering the wealth of Free Energy systems not only historically but currentlyIMG_6841.jpg foam (C) that are being suppressed by these same corporations who it appears have a similar legal standing as a Human Person. I suppose its the Free part that they don’t like. We are many they are few…………it’ s time to take control of space ship earth………

At the time of writing this article I have been two days without water, for as of yet unknown reasons.


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